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Custom Jewelry Out of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins

By Ilya Zlobin, Ancient Greek and Roman Coin Expert and Dealer

If you ever want to make a special gift for someone of an ancient coin, and give the beauty of it to wear for yourself or loved ones! Here is a list of jewelers that will make a custom piece of jewelry, whether an earring, ring, pendant et cetera that you can custom order. You can buy an ancient coin from my store and send it to these wonderful jewelry manufacturers and get beautiful jewelry made out of it!

There is a fantastic jeweler that does custom jewelry, specifically with coins.
She can do a fantastic job to make that custom piece for that special someone in your life.

Joane Cornell, the owner of Jewelz, is a custom jewelry designer and manufacturer for over 32 years. Prior to arriving in the Berkshires, MA. in the Spring of 2002, Joane was established in New York City for 18 years on Fifth Avenue/47th Street, in the heart of the jewelry center.
Jewelz is located at 22 Walker Street in Lenox, Massachusetts.
Send Joane an e-mail: jewelzjewelry@aol.com
Telephone: 413.637.5022

Annie Salter

Or you can view a selection of ancient coins set in pendants made of silver or gold

Certified Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin of Empress Set in Gold With Topaz for Sale online Custom JewelryCertified Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin of Empress Set in Gold With Topaz for Sale online Custom Jewelry

You can buy authentic ancient Greek and Roman coins from world-renowned expert here at www.TrustedCoins.com

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Here are two pages for you to be able to see 200 the most “affordable” or lowest-priced Greek and Roman coins available in my store. Makes great gifts!