Architecture on Ancient Greek & Roman Coins

Architecture on Ancient Greek & Roman Coins

The ancient peoples of Rome, Greece were very proud of their architectural achievements. The monuments they built projected the power of the ancient gods and goddesses, along with that of the rulers of those times. Architectural types on coins are very interesting to collect, as the ancient world had many temples, arches, camp gates, columns, roads, bridges, shrines, city gates, statues and so much more! Most of these monuments are now long gone, however these coins remain. A great area to collect!

 Ancient Roman coins depicting the Camp Gate to the Legionary Camp
Ancient Roman coins depicting the Camp Gate to the Legionary Camp

Ancient Roman coins depicting City Gates

Temples on ancient Greek and Roman coins


Arches on ancient Roman coins


Columns on Ancient Roman coins


Roads as commemorated on this coin of emperor Trajan


Brides on ancient Roman coins

Shrines on ancient Roman coins


Statues as depicted on Ancient Greek and Roman coins, which were why some buildings were built to hold these statues of worship

For further reading, I recommend this book that delves deeper into the subject.

Monumental Coins: Buildings & Structures on Ancient Coinage

“Monumental Coins” is a bountiful tapestry of numismatics, history and architecture that explores the buildings found on ancient coins and the historical and cultural importance of these structures. In addition to a comprehensive gallery of actual coin photos, coins are illustrated by line drawings to reveal fine structural details. Computer-generated plans of the buildings, along with freehand illustrations of building reconstructions allow complete understanding of these ancient wonders.

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